Our Law Office Can Help Create a Plan for Your Family

Our Law Office Can Help Create a Plan for Your Family

Visit our law office to have an estate planning lawyer draft your will in Fairlawn & Akron, OH

A will and trust may bring up unpleasant thoughts, but this isn't something you can avoid. Having your estate in order brings your family peace of mind and the knowledge that they and the rest of your loved ones are protected. It can also help your family avoid probate court if anything ever happens to you. Steel & Company in Fairlawn, OH is a law office that drafts wills and provides probate services. We're here to serve you and your family.

Call 330-223-5050 now to speak to an estate planning lawyer. We handle most estate plans for a fixed fee.

How can our attorney assist you?

When you need legal assistance with your estate, turn to our firm. You can work with an attorney at our law office to:

  • Create your will
  • Make trusts for loved ones
  • Establish power of attorney

We can also help you create a living will if you want directives in place for your medical care. To explore your options for a living will, meet with an estate planning lawyer today.